Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aeropostale Sale

25% off sale at Aeropostale, today only.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shakira She Wolf Heels

I found two different version of copy cats of the Shakira's heels in her music video She Wolf
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Friday, September 25, 2009

My Prima J Inspired Look

Here's my newest video. It was a contest entry for YouTuber BeautyNewbie's 1,000 Subscriber Contest. The rules was to re-create a look from a music video, so I did Prima J's video "Rock Star." Oh by the way, Jessica and Janelle, the girls of Prima J actually saw my video. I'm so happy! I had so much fun doing this look. If you've never seen Prima J's music video before, click here.

Here's a picture from my inspired look.

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Makeup By Me

I love my Coastal Scents Palettes that my boyfriend bought me. Since I've moved to New York, I've been using them almost everyday. I like trying a new color everyday. I try to pair colors together that I've never paired before. Experimenting. Practicing. That's the only way you get better at putting makeup on.

Yes those are my eyes. I used a mixture of pink, purple, green, blue and yellow. 5 colors from Coastal Scents.

Almost everyday, random people complimented the way I did my own hair & makeup. People suggesting me to do makeup as a job. To be honest, I just considered myself as someone who enjoys on myself as well as on other people. I'm not afraid to try new looks, bold colors, and outrageous styles. It's all about art and opening the creative side within you.

My friends and family love it when I'm inspired and look forward to being the guinie pigs when I'm inspired. LOL.

My friend Lisa (left picture) has such beautiful skin. I did her hair and makeup. It just made it so much easier to do her makeup when you're already working with flawless skin. Not to mention, the camera loves her. This picture was taken during our pajama party night. We woul
d make it a point to have a pajama party night together at least once a month and do each other's hair & makeup. What girly girls we are. LOL.

My cousin, Nichole (right picture), I did her makeup for her prom. Both of these ladies are absolutely photogenic. I love them both and miss them.
There are so many more pictures of others that I've done and I'll eventually put them up little by little.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alma and Arlene

My long time friend and god daughter Alma came to New York to visit again. She also came to visit last month. It was a treat seeing her again 2 months in a row considering that we haven't seen each other in years. We used to hang out together nearly everyday when we were younger and I would sleep over her house and do girly things: hair and makeup and us dance in our pajamas till the wee hours of the night. We would make up dance routines together and had dance performances. Love it! Those were the fun days. Alma, do you remember how I used to always park backwards on the street on your block? haha.

She said she enjoyed doing the girly things with me again. I enjoyed it too.

I did her makeup and used the colors from her shirt that her little sister Angel got her. I used purples, greens, and turquoise blue. I think it came out really cute on her. I love this picture of her to the right with her glasses on. She looks like an anime character.
Ahh man, I forgot to take a picture of her cute nails that I painted. Oh well, next time.

We were craving some Korean food so we hit up a spot in the heart of Korea town (Manhattan) called Shilla Korean Barbecue House. We had never been to this place before and knew nothing of it...but i'm so glad we came here because it was SO GOOD! It was a pretty classy place and the food was so tasty and full of flavors. We ordered whatever meat we liked and it was brought to our table raw but a host lights up the grill in the middle of our table and cooked it for us fresh. It was so yummy! There is plenty of various sauces surrounding the grill to dip your meat in. It was so good. Not only was the food good but the service was excellent. The waitresses were very attentative. I remember I accidentally dropped my chopsticks and before I could reach down to pick it up, a waitress picked it up and put a new pair of chopsticks on my table for me.

When it's time to receive your check, most places might give you some mints or chocolates along with your check. But this place gave you asian yogurt in a bottle. I thought it was original and a tasty dessert. I woke up the morning craving to go to this place again. Haha. I look forward to coming back again.

If you are interested in visiting Shilla Korean Barbeque House, the address is below or you can visit their website at

Shilla Korean Barbeque House
37 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 967-1880

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