Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY: Reindeer Noses

Cute little goodie bag of Reindeer Noses. I was actually inspired to do this after seeing this picture here from Sarah's blog. I put a litte twist to it and make Rudolph with "his nose so bright" with a cute red gem. It was so easy even a kid can do it. Check out the video below. Hope you like it.

What I used:
- Whoppers Chocolate Malt Balls ($3 for a box at Target
- Red Gum Balls ($1 at Target
- Green Ribbon ($1 at Michaels)
- Clear fold over sandwich bags

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 gifts for HER under $50 (Sephora)

So Christmas is around the corner and I know some of you guys were Naughty this year and decided to wait till the last minute to do your shopping. So guess what...I'm going to help you out! Luckily, the benefits of working at Sephora is hearing about the awesome gifts and deals sometimes before they reach the public. Although I do work at Sephora, I am no way in any form getting sponsored or suggested to make such a post. This is all 100% my own opinions and suggestions as a blogger to another blogger.

1.) The Naked Palettes (1 & 2) by Urban Decay

- Naked Palette 2 - $50

If you were around for the frenzy last year when the Naked 1 Palette came out...then you should know about the craziness over the Naked 2 Palette. I remember when the Naked 1 palettes first initially came out....customers were going crazy over these. We would get a shipment of them by the boxes (shown below) and they would sell out in less than 2 hours!! It was crazy!

I bought 5 of them when they first came out for my makeup kit and for myself and a few as Christmas gifts last year. I had tourists who came from out of the states in hopes to get their hands on a palette that unfortunately wasn't available in their country. I felt like the awful bad person who had to the break the news to them when I told them it was sold out. I had one girl cry on me, one husband who flew all the way to New York just to surprise his wife with it, and 2 customers fighting over the last palette. Utter craziness I tell you! You can purchase it now from the Urban Decay website for $50. So I know your question is, when is Sephora releasing the Naked Palette 2. As far as the staff meeting we had, it's "expected" to be online late December and in store late January. So if you want to get it for Christmas, your best bet is to get it from the Urban Decay website. Now what's the difference between the Naked 1 v.s Naked 2? Well, the Naked 1 had a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows. It initially came with a sample size Primer Potion and an Urban Decay 24/7 double ended eyeliner in the colors Zero (black) and Whiskey (brown). Then later down the line, they replaced the double-ended eyeliner with an eye shadow brush instead. Now as far as the Naked 2 palette, it's expected to have more neutral colors and includes the eyeshadow brush plus a sample lip gloss. I do love my Naked palette. I use it every time I do makeup for weddings. I don't even reach for my other palettes as much because the Naked palette generally has everything I need. Now if Urban Decay plans to outdo that, then I'm totally amped.- Naked Palette (Original) - $48

Has an array of neutral and dark colors. If you are the type that only likes to wear natural makeup and don't see a use for the dark shadows....then let me give you a tip that I tell my clients. You can use the dark colors as an eyeliner as oppose to just an eyeshadow. I use the dark brown or black depending on my client's eye color and I lightly dust it along their lash line to emphasize their lashes without it looking like they have eyeliner on. You can apply it dry or you can apply it wet with a damp brush to darken the liner. (Available in store & online)
2.) Stila Lip Glaze - $25

Stila Lip Glazes alone cost $22 each....so just for $3 more you get 8! I repeat, you get 8 lip glazes! Should I explain any more? The color payoff is sheer and if you're afraid of the darker color at the far right...relax....they are all sheer. These bad boys usually sell out before Christmas, so if you find one, hold on to it with a solid grip. This makes a great gift for someone, but if you're on a budget or what I like to call,"broke status"....you can divide it in half and give it to 2 individuals as stocking stuffers. (Available in store & online)
3.) Leopard Hair Straightener by Amika - $25

When I first saw this mini straightener, I couldn't believe that they were only $25! They are so cute and come with a travel pouch to keep it conveniently stored. I have one that I use for my bangs or to do quick touch ups when I'm on the go. I bring it with me when I go to gym or when traveling since it's very light weight and doesn't take much space at all. Very easy to travel with. (Available in store & online)
4.) Pink Tourmaline Flat Iron - $48

Pink! Pink! Pink! This is for you pink lovers. However, if you despise the color pink, don't fret, it comes in black as well. YAY! The cord swivels so you don't have to worry about it tangling when using the flat iron as a curler instead. Yes, you can curl your hair with a straightener. I actually prefer it to be honest. (Available in store & online)
5.) Philosphy: Sweet Kisses & Merry Kisses - $36

This is definitely a great deal. It contains 4 shower gels/bubble bath and 4 high-shine lip glosses in the scents: Sugar Sprinkles Funnel Cake, Peppermint Bark, Pomegranate Bubbly, Old Fashioned Eggnog. You can give this entire set to a special person...but if you're on a budget this year, then you can separate the 4 scents and gift them to 4 special people instead. What a way to stretch a buck! (Available in store & online)

6.) OPI Glimmer Wonderland Mini Nail Polishes (Limited Edition) - $48

I absolutely love this idea as a gift. It contains 18 mini nail polishes that is suitable for one lucky person. But if you're on a budget, you can either separate the polishes and give them as stocking stuffers. The colors in the set are:

- Dear Diary
- How Cute Is That?
- Natural Environ-mint
- It's Hippo To Be Square
- Access 24/7
- Ms. Can't Be Wrong
- Don't Feed The Hand Models
- Metro Chic
- Already Famous
- I'm With Brad
- Sample Sale
- Fiercely Fabulous
- Break A Leg-Warmer
- Bring On The Snowflakes
- Mermaid To Order
- I Don't Bite
- Eve-y On The Eyes
- Just A Little Dangerous

(Available in store & online)

7.) Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster (Limited Edition) - $49.50

Every year Sephora comes out with a Limited Edition Blockbuster and they sell out like hot cakes! I remember when they first came out I have to admit the eye shadows were not at its best. But years down the road, all I have to say is WoW! They have really improved the quality of the shadows making them so highly-pigmented and so much color. If you own the Coastal Scents 88 Palettes, the colors are very similar. Check out my last blog post on the Coast Scent Palette here. But as a tip, you really need a good eye shadow primer if you want the color pay off in these bad boys. So aside from just talking about eye shadows, the blockbuster contains:

-96 eye shadows,
-84 lip glosses
- 6 cream eyeliners
- 2 eyeliner pencils
- 1 bronzer
- 3 blushes
- 1 mascara
- 4 applicators

(Available in store & online)
8.) Korres Lipglosses (Limited Edition) - $28

Korres is a wonderful brand! It originated from Greece and is 100% natural. No parabens. No sulfates. No synthetic fragrances. Korres in general is a perfect brand for those who especially have sensitive skin. I love these lip glosses because they are not sticky whatsoever. They are very hydrating and contain Vitamin E & C so they are perfect to wear during the Winter time when you don't want to sacrifice your beauty for chapped lips. Instead, I love wearing these glosses which are sheer in color and nuture my lips at the same time with Vitamins. (Available in store & online)
9.) Bliss - Happy Spa-lidays Scent-sational Set (Limited Edition) - $29

I really like Bliss' products. I have not tried one thing from this brand yet that I have to say that I don't like. My favorite from this brand is their waxing strips for face and body. It's so easy to use, you just rub the strip between your hands like you do when you're trying to warm your hands up and peel the strips apart and place them wherever you may want to wax. I use it for my eye brows. I ended up getting the body strips as well and just cut strips that were feasible for the size that I needed. Okay, I know it was a bit off topic but I had to share that with you. As far as this kit, it comes with a body wash, body cream and loofah. As far as the scent goes since someone had asked me, it is the original scent. The only difference is the packaging of the bottle. (Available in store & online)

10.) Fresh Sugar Fix (Limited Edition) - $22.50

I think this set makes an awesome gift for yourself or someone else. You're practically getting one item for free because the lip treatment is $22.50 and the lip scrub is $22.50 individually. This is perfect for the winter time when you get really chapped lips. You just wet your lips a little and use the sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips and rid of any dead skin and rinse it off leaving your lips super smooth. The scrub is all natural and even edible since it contains brown sugar. Then afterwards, you follow up by applying the lip treatment which nourishes and conditions your lips...also not to forget that it has SPF 15 to provide UV protection. The lip treatment in this kit has no color so it's also good for HIM as well. Trust me, I have men that ask for this same lip treatment as well. But if you prefer something with color, they have some lip treatment that come in 3 other colors: Honey, Passion, Plum which is found here for $28 for all 3 colors. (Available in store & online)
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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Gift From Spain

I was surprised to receive a package from one of my dear subscribers and friend Bea who lives all the way in Spain. The funny thing is, she said she had a surprise package filled with things that she made just for me and she wanted to send it in time for Christmas.

I was amazed when I opened the box and found these beautiful aprons that Bea handmade just for me. There's actually a story behind how it all started. I initially discovered Bea's blog by accident and stumbled upon her amazing talent in painting. We chatted back and forth for months and it was nice making a new friend across the globe and learning the differences in cultures based off of each other's blogs. She's always wanted to visit New York and I've always want to travel to Spain.

She knows how much I love baking and she decided to sew me not just one apron, but THREE aprons with her painted artwork on them. How beautiful!! I love all of them. And that ruffle apron is so adorable. I never even owned an apron before and what do you know, I get THREE. I couldn't be more thankful! I love them!

As you can see...they now have a special spot in my kitchen which I now hang next to my pantry!

Bea, you are so talented! You need to be selling your artwork. I can't thank you enough Bea... these totally made my day. Thank you sooooo much!!

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